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We bring affordable auto lost title bond, auto insurance, and notary public service to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro-Plex area.

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Dealing with auto insurance, finding a public notary, and replacing a missing or misplaced auto title are boring and time-consuming errands that nobody wants to take time out of their day to accomplish. Western General Insurance Agency makes it easy for people in Fort Worth, TX and the Metro-Plex area to attend to these tasks by offering fast and affordable service that will take care of these tasks and get you back to your day quickly and efficiently.

We offer “insurance by phone” in most cases we can have you covered within 10 minutes over the phone, and go on into your life without the agonizing, arduous issues that you are used to dealing with. We guarantee that we will find you a policy that meets your needs for insurance while keeping you within your budget.

General Liability up to $5,000,000,000, all Roofer's welcome, all Contractors.
Workman Compensation for small or large businesses

If you have lost the title to your vehicle or bought a vehicle at an auction that did not have a title, we offer an auto lost title bond, title surety bonds that will get the vehicle legally registered within 10 minutes, we also offer notary public bonds.

Notary on wheels, we come to your home or your office, we also offer living wills and power of attorneys
Leonard and Laura Cisneros, Agents serving the entire metro-plex with over 35 years of experience.
Auto covered within 10 minutes in most cases.
Matricula card accepted, or license of your country. Trust is our business.

• Builders Risk Insurance
• General Liability and Workman Compensation
• Auto Surety Bond Agent
• Auto Insurance by Phone
• Professional Notary Public